Clearshield® Pro Paint Protection Film:

The Best Protection You Will Never See

    • A. Full & Partial Hood:
      • Keep that ‘garage stored’ look and prevent damage from flying debris, insects or birds.
    • B. Front Bumper:
      • Gravel, debris and road stains won’t phase your car’s first line of defense.
    • C. Headlights:
      • Avoid cracks and keep your headlights looking newer and clearer for longer.
    • D. Full & Partial Fenders:
      • Keep your curves clean for the bumpy road ahead.
    • E. Roof & Pillars:
      • No scratches, no stains, no worries.
    • F. Side View Mirrors: 
      • Don’t cringe when someone accidentally brushes your side view mirrors.
    • G. Rocker Panels:
      • Safety from rough terrain like rocky road and road tar stains.
    • H. Door Cups:
      • Let your bling sing – watches, rings and keys won’t damage your paint job.
    • I.  Door Edges & Steps:
      • Avoid entry and exit scratches from rubber soles, purses and briefcases.
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